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Pet Stains & Smells

Have you ever come home to find that Fluffy or Fido has left a “surprise” on your carpet or furniture?

Your pet may be your best friend, but they can be your carpet and furniture’s worst enemy. Even the best-trained pet can have an accident, and if left untreated, that little “oops” can leave permanent damage.

Pet urine, vomit and faeces can leave nasty stains and smells. For some types of carpet fibre, quick treatment is vital (in more ways than one). Did you know that urine, when left in a nylon carpet, for example, can cause colour damage?

How we deal with pet stains & smells in your home

Ladybird Carpet Care has a highly effective system for eradicating pet stains and smells. We:

  • Locate and mark the spots or stains
  • Apply a special solution, in a large enough quantity to get right down to the underlay (urine quickly seeps through carpet and into the underlay – treating all the way down assures more complete removal of spots, stains and odours)
  • After the solution has had time to work, a folded towel and heavy weight placed on top of the solution can be used to extract the moisture from the carpeting and padding. Repeat with a dry towel until moisture is removed.
  • If any staining remains after the above steps, we may retreat with the above steps, which may gradually diminish the stain. Again, it is important to know that some urine stains that are left in carpeting for too long may cause actual color damage to your carpeting.
  • Professional cleaning of the carpet is recommended after successful urine treatments are completed.

Without question, pet urine is one of the most pungent of odours, especially when it has been absorbed into a porous surface such as wooden floors and carpeting. Ladybird has a solution – Ladybird Pet Fresh!

Ladybird Pet Fresh is a a safe, odour-neutralising spray especially for pet odours that will leave your home, veterinary clinic or kennel smelling fresh!

Pet Fresh can be applied directly to:

  • Pets’ bedding
  • Living room carpets
  • Garage
  • Kitty Litter
  • Waste Areas

Our pet stain and smell treatments are 100% safe for your pets.

(Note: If the urine has soaked into the underlay or through to the floor surface below, treatment won’t fix the problem, as the deodourising product must be able to come into contact with the odour bacteria for it to work.)

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