Our Eco Friendly System

Ladybird Cleaning uses StayClean Green System technology. The table below shows the difference between regular steam cleaning and our StayClean Green system:

Steam Cleaning StayClean Green
Water Usage High Very low (95% more water efficient)
Waste water High None
Noise High Very low
Air pollution High None
Sticky residue Possible None

Other advantages of Ladybird’s StayClean Green system:

  • Carpets dry faster (in just 1 hour), and are safe for ALL family members (including babies and pets)
  • Carpets can be walked on after ½ hour (ideal for busy households)
  • The system helps protect your carpet from re-soiling
  • The system is extremely quiet and energy efficient, with no need to run a noisy, carbon-emitting truck during the cleaning process
  • And more

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