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Commercial Hard Floor Cleaning

High-grade cleaning for high-risk areas

Many working areas, such as medical facilities, must adhere to strict hygiene standards. When it comes to the cleanliness of hard floors, floor tiles and grout in these environments, there is no settling for second best.

Ladybird offers specialised hard floor cleaning services for high-grade environments including:

  • Hospitals
  • Medical Centres
  • Nursing Homes
  • Childcare Centres
  • Educational Facilities
  • Restaurants

Hospitals, Medical Centres, Nursing Homes and Home Care Facilities

Hygiene is critical within health and aged care environments. Ladybird services the tiled areas of washrooms, shower areas, laundries, kitchen and reception areas of these environments, quickly and efficiently, using safe cleaning solutions. Areas that use non-slip and safety flooring are known dirt-traps, but through Ladybird’s regular maintenance services, their hygiene and appearance can be maintained to an extremely high standard.

Educational Facilities

Bacteria and viruses can spread very quickly in facilities where children eat and play, so it’s vital to ensure floors are cleaned thoroughly and regularly. Kindergartens, Schools and Child Care Centres often have a wide variety of floor finishes including sports surfaces, carpets, Flotex, timber tiles and concrete. All of these flooring types can be maintained by Ladybird Carpet Care.

In Childcare Centres specifically, Ladybird’s cleaning services can be a significant asset; both in maintaining hygiene and the appearance of internal play areas. When children play on floor areas, and hands are in contact with mouths on a regular basis, it is essential that accidents, food and drink spillages be cleaned away efficiently and effectively. Cross infection (and the spread of germs through flies and cockroaches) is minimised if professional floor cleaning is undertaken regularly.

Larger institutions also have kitchen, canteen and bar facilities which require special care, since health and safety issues come into play.

Sporting areas within educational facilities have large areas comprised of change-rooms and showers. A major health concern in these areas is the transmission of fungal diseases such as ‘athlete’s foot’. The normal ‘mop and bucket’ method does not effectively clean and disinfect these areas… In fact, this form of cleaning is inherently unhealthy. Ladybird has the ability to scrub in between the tiles, thus removing the possibility of potential infection.

The Food Industry

Applications for floor tile and grout cleaning in the food industry include fast food outlets, restaurants and supermarkets. The requirements for hygiene in these facilities place an onerous burden on venue owners and managers, and the implications for non-conformance are severe (in terms of the risks to employees and customers, and .

Ladybird works with you to ensure that your obligations with regard to floor maintenance are well and truly satisfied. With us, you can be confident that routine floor cleaning will take place to a high standard, on auto-pilot… So you can get on with building a profitable business.

How we achieve a High-Grade clean

Ladybird embraces eco-friendly cleaning methods, which is why we use advanced Rotowash floor cleaning equipment on floor tiles and grout. Rotowash allows us to achieve cleaner, more hygienic floors as well as increased productivity (through faster cleaning and drying times), all with a minimal amount of water, cleaning agent and power. This is possible due to Rotowash’s sophisticated design and twin cylindrical, contra rotating brushes.

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