Leather Cleaning

Are you falling out of love with your leather?

When you purchase expensive leather furniture, you want to keep it looking stylish for as long as possible. Ladybird provides the best leather care products, cleaning and restoration services available, to keep you loving your leather.

Leather may be sophisticated and stylish, but it’s also very difficult to clean. A trickle of red wine, or a drop of chocolate sauce can spell disaster for your beautiful, brushed leather recliner.

Cleaning leather furniture effectively requires a combination of specialised detergents, polishes and cleaning techniques. Ladybird provides just that, with leather cleaning solutions that:

  • Safely clean deep into the grain, removing stubborn, embedded dirt.
  • Strengthen, preserve and nourish fine leather and fabrics whilst replacing the natural lubricants lost by day-to-day use.
  • Are safe and contain no harsh or harmful chemicals.
  • Are implemented by hand, to ensure that your valuable leather furnishings are restored, as close as possible to their original condition.
  • Leave your leather with a soft, rich luster and a pleasant, lingering aroma.

To keep loving your leather, phone Lorna on 0448 195 524, or complete the form above to request a FREE Measure & Quote.