Mattress Cleaning

Mattress Cleaning

Who’s REALLY sharing your mattress?

  • The average mattress contains over 10 million dust mites
  • Dust mites feed for up to 170 days on dead skin flakes
  • Up to 300 eggs can be laid by a single female dust mite
  • Dust mites can produce 200 times their body weight in ‘excrement’ during their lifespan
  • Pounds of dead skin flakes and hair live on your mattress

Dust mites and dead skin are major contributors to asthma and respiratory issues and can also lead to sleeping problems. We spend 1/3 of our lifetime in bed so it makes sense to ensure our sleeping areas are as clean as possible, for the good of our health and wellbeing.

Get rid of unwanted bed-buddies

Ladybird’s comprehensive mattress cleaning service helps control dust mites and allergens for up to 6 months, keeping you and your family safe from the health effects of nasty bed-buddies (the micro-sized ones that is!).

The 5 step “mattress sanitisation” process

  1. A high powered vacuum with a high frequency power head is used to loosen and extract dust mites, skin flakes, dust and hair.
  2. The mattress is gently scrubbed, to remove stains and soiling.
  3. Cotton pads are used to extract the moisture and remove encapsulated soil particles.
  4. An anti-allergen treatment is performed (misting the mattress surface with a special, all natural anti-allergen treatment).
  5. Ladybird Enviro Care odourising products are used to eliminate odour bacteria whilst giving your bed a fresh, new smell.

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