Odour Control

Got a lingering ‘pong’ at your place?

Have you noticed that smells such as cigar smoke and stale milk tend to linger? This is because their odour particles are absorbed into furnishings such as curtains, bed quilts, upholstery and of course, rugs and carpets. They then become trapped, continuing to emit their nasty odours over time.

However, it IS possible to put an end to nasty, lingering smells. Simply get Ladybird Carpet Care to treat your home, workplace or other smelly environment, with our new odour bacteria eliminating, eco-friendly formula – Ladybird Fresh Odour Control.

This special formulation permanently eliminates odours such as:

  • Tobacco
  • Stale milk
  • Vomit
  • Urine
  • Pet odour
  • General body odours
  • Mouldy/musty odours.

(Note: If urine has soaked into the underlay or through to the floor surface below, treatment won’t fix the problem, as the deodourising product must be able to come into contact with the odour bacteria for it to work.)

Ladybird Fresh Odour Control has the subtle fragrance of summer fruits. The benefit of this innovative product is that it does not rely on perfumes to cover up the smell. Instead, it is designed (through a proprietary blend of natural ingredients) to eliminate odour particles altogether, leaving behind a neutral, fresh atmosphere.

When using Fresh Odour Control to treat an area, a procedure called “priming” is necessary to avoid excessive use of the product. Once the area has been primed, normal routine maintenance can be re-established, and your home or workplace will be smelling sweet in no time.

Put an end to the pong. Phone Lorna on 0448 195 524, or complete the form above to request a FREE Measure & Quote.