Rug Cleaning

Rug Cleaning

Got a precious Persian? A wow-worthy Woollen? Give your rugs the royal treatment with Ladybird rug cleaning

Rugs are functional pieces of art which can dramatically enhance the look and feel of your home. However, they undergo a lot of foot traffic (quite literally), so they require professional maintenance to ensure they’ll go on looking and feeling their best, for years to come.

At Ladybird Carpet Care, we give your cherished rugs and carpets the finest cleaning and restorative treatment, bringing out their softness and vibrancy of colour.

Before & After Shots

The process we use to clean your rug…

  • Removal of sand, dust and dry soil to an extent that is not possible with a domestic vacuum cleaner (thorough extraction is achieved by using an industrial vacuum cleaner, and going over every square inch of the rug at least four times, in perpendicular directions).
  • Analysis and careful treatment of stains with appropriate chemical agents (these agents may include enzymes, carefully selected solvents, oxidising agents, reducing agents and a variety of non-ionic and anionic detergents).
  • The entire rug is treated with an appropriate cleaning agent and technique – any residue left behind after stain treatment, grease or oil adhered to rug fibres or any remaining dirt is removed during this phase of the cleaning process.

The result is a rug that is soft, fresh and vibrant, and much healthier to sit and play on.

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