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Spots, Spills & Emergency Cleaning

Uh-oh! Little Johnnie drew on the lounge, Susie squashed chewing gum into the carpet… & hubby splattered paint on the curtains… YIKES!

We lead busy, messy lives these days, and as a result – accidents happen. The typical culprits of spots and stains, are:

  • Coffee, soft drink or wine spills
  • Chewing gum or Blu-tack
  • Ink
  • Grease
  • Rust
  • Urine, faeces and vomit (charming, we know! But, it happens to the best of us)
  • Oil
  • Dried milk
  • Paint & Magic Markers

Ladybird Carpet Care provides a tailored stain and spot removal service to remedy these stains.

We also have a professional No-Rinse Spot Removal product available to purchase online (see below)…


Not sure what caused the spot or stain?

Don’t worry… We can often determine the variety of stain and get it out anyway.

Results of spot or stain removal will depend on many factors. These will be discussed with you on inspection. Unfortunately, Ladybird Carpet Care cannot guarantee the removal of stains because dye change is irreversible. Our technicians do, however, carry a large range of treatments and you can rest assured that everything possible will be done to remove difficult stains.

After cleaning, carpet protection treatment is recommended to help prevent staining and resoiling of your carpet and upholstery. This helps to extend the life of your carpet and upholstery investment.

Spots v’s Stains

The difference between a spot and a stain is that a spot is soiling that is on the carpet fibres and a stain is soiling that has set into the carpet fibres, causing a dye change.

Stains are largely of 2 types:

  • Water Based Stains: These include alcohol, blood, fruit juices, wine, milk, soft drinks and water based furniture polish stains.
  • Oil Based Stains: These include butter, cooking oil, chocolate, crayons, mayo, candle wax, and black grease stains. These are comparatively harder to dispose of, than water based stains.

I’ve had a spill… what do I do?

Whatever the spill, always remember to blot (not rub or scrub) it. Beyond that, seek professional advice from an ACCI qualified technician, before attempting to dilute or chemically remove any stain, spot or spill on carpet or upholstery.

IMPORTANT: Do NOT use any products on spills. These often set the stain.

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